“Come Grow With Us Right From the Start”


Infant Program Hours

7:15 a.m.–5:30 p.m.


The Learning Experience Early Education Center provides a “home-like” setting where parents feel comfortable leaving their child in a planned day that nurtures, stimulates, and enriches all the wonderful experiences of a baby’s day.


The staff of our Infant Program have been screened through the Department of Justice, have a clear health clearance including TB testing, hold current certification in infant and pediatric CPR and first aid, and have the expertise and education required by the Department of Social Services to work with infants ages 6 weeks to 2 years of age.

Most importantly, our staff has been selected for their attitude and commitment to the special care and attention that every infant should have every day, whether at home or at our center.


Daily Activities

Under the care and supervision of professional, educated staff, your baby’s experiences will include:

  • “One-on-one” baby/caregiver time
  • Stimulating conversation and eye contact during diapering, feeding, and playtimes Small group interaction
  • Stimulating developmentally appropriate toys, books, tactile-sensory objects, and playthings
  • Opportunities throughout the day for music experiences
  • Lots and lots of hugs, cuddling, and personal attention!
  • Peaceful, uninterrupted personal sleep times


Prior to your baby’s first day, parents will meet “one-on-one” with the program coordinator to establish an individualized daily plan for your baby that includes a schedule for diapering, feeding, and sleeping.

Throughout your baby’s day, staff will fill out a parent report that includes information, times, and comments regarding your babies eating, sleeping and diapering schedules for that day. The report is provided for each parent at the end of your baby’s day.

Infant+/Toddler Program

The Learning Experience Early Education Center offers a day full of opportunities to touch, discovery, and develop a confident self-image through age-appropriate activities. Throughout the day, activities include time for beginning interaction with other toddlers, time for music and rhymes, time for little hands to explore developmentally appropriate learning tools, and lots of opportunity for literacy and language development through learning games.

The toddler world is also all about caring and nurturing trained staff, who work to meet every child’s personal needs including playtime interaction, snack, and lunchtime and a quiet and restful nap time.

The center maintains an adult-to-child ratio of 1 is to 6.