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About Us

The Learning Experience Early Education Center is a developmental early childhood program that provides self-paced activities and a “hands-on” experience in the development of:

  • Large and Small Muscle Coordination
  • Perceptual Motor Skills
  • Creative Arts (Including Music, Art, and Dramatics)
  • Pre-Math and Pre-Science Concepts
  • An Emphasis on Language Development and Enrichment

History of the Learning Experience Early Education Center

The Learning Experience Early Education Center was established in the state of California in 1984 by Pauline McCall, owner and director. In 1987 she opened her second location in the city of San Juan Capistrano. In 1990 The Learning Experience was consolidated to one site in the city of Mission Viejo, in the Gateway Center. The Learning Experience served the community for 14 years before moving to its current location. The Learning Experience has now served the Saddleback community for over 35 years. Pauline McCall remains the owner and director.

New Projectvb

Founder and Director’s Background

As owner and director of The Learning Experience Early Education Center, Pauline McCall celebrates over 40 years’ experience in the field of early childhood education. Pauline has a master’s degree in curriculum development as well as experience in infant, preschool, and school-age program development.

Besides directing her own school, Pauline McCall has been actively involved in many community projects that serve the children of Orange County.


The Learning Experience is equipped with the ProCare Security System. Each parent is given a special code that is used each day to check in/check out their children and to get each family into the school. Anyone who does not have a security code will not be able to get past the front lobby. Visitors are always welcomed but will have to have parent authorization.